Prepare to Conquer...

Author: Eddie Roa

Meet Brad Nathan


President of Lynx Equity Ltd. trains at Pacific Training Center and competes in charity Boxing matches in Toronto, Canada. He fly’s in for his 3-6 week Boxing camps to sunny San Diego to train and condition for his “white collar” charity fights!

Brad Nathan’s company, Lynx Equity Ltd., is a private equity firm specializing in buyouts of small- to medium sized businesses.

Brad Nathan

Motivated PTC Member!


PTC Boxing Gym member Cal likes to train during open gym and motivates himself by asking the staff to play the “Rocky” movie theme song!

Meet Muay Thai Instructor Tony

Tony Fausto
Nickname “Badda-Bing”
-8+ years Fighting
-Technique Focus
-Very traditional style
-2001 Trained at Scorpion Muay Thai camp in Pattaya, Thailand
-2005 Trained at Scorpion Muay Thai camp in Pattaya, Thailand
-2007 Trained at Scorpion Muay Thai camp in Pattaya, Thailand
-2007 Joined Team Loco Muay Thai
-2013 Trained at Fairtex Muay Thai camp in Thailand
-Fight Record: 14+ amateur 4-2 Professional (3 in Thailand, 2 USA, and 2 Cambodia)
-Current Fighter/Muay Thai Trainer at PTC Boxing Gym

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Team PTC Travels To Thailand Muay Thai Trip



Every year Team PTC Travels To Thailand Muay Thai Camp. PTC students train at Fairtex Muay Thai Camp in Pattaya, Thailand through Coach Eddie Loco’s long relationship with the gym. The trip usually consists of a two week training program in one of the worlds best Thai Boxing camps. Students of all levels are welcomed. Experience “Real” Muay Thai, large Boxing stadiums, and the culture the creates Thailand’s National Sport. Coach Eddie Loco has traveled and competed in Thailand within the last 10 years and plays tour guide so that many can experience the culture behind the sport.


Boxing vs Cerebral Palsy

PTC Boxing Gym toughest student Parker.
He trains his mind and body through Boxing and other forms of therapy in his battle with Cerebral Palsy. He trains very hard. Make sure you give this young boxer some props when you see him around the gym. 

Pacific Training Center on Fox 5 News


PTC Boxing Gym Amateur Boxing Champion gives interview for Fox 5 News.