Muay Thai

Beginner Muay Thai is a comprehensive high-energy workout that focuses on the basic and introductory fundamentals of Traditional Muay Thai. In this class you will learn proper technique as it relates to striking with your fists, elbows, knees and feet; proper stance, footwork and defense; all the while pushing your cardio and overall fitness to optimum performance levels!
Our instructor will motivate, teach, and lead you through this powerful one-hour workout that keeps you moving so that you can strengthen, learn technique, and tone your whole body. Come to Beginner Muay Thai class and get a fun, challenging workout that your muscles won’t forget the next day!


Our Boxing classes will provide you with a full-body workout in an intense yet fun environment. We focus on basic fundamentals, footwork, technique, defense, balance, and stamina. During the class you will participate in a variety of drills and exercises to include shadow boxing, jump rope, stretching, bag work, mitt work, partner drills, plyometrics and conditioning.
Our classes are structured so that any level of experience can participate and get the most out of their workout at PTC. In this class you will sweat like never before!!

Speed & Strength training

is the use of resistance to muscular contraction to builds the speed, strength, anaerobic endurance. and size of skeletal muscles. Speed & Strength training can provide significant functional benefits and improve in overall health and well-being.

Open Gym

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro, our Open Gym is the best place to get fit and practice your skills. During Open Gym, you have access to all Boxing equipment, Weight Lifting equipment, and Cardiovascular machines. Open Gym is always offered during Gym Opening hours. Certified on-duty coaches are available for one-on-one Private Training to help you learn new Boxing moves, hone your skills, and increase your fitness level.