“Challenge yourself to train with these champions”

Gym Owner/Muay Thai/Boxing Coach Eddie Loco

Eddie began boxing at the age of 5 years old in his hometown Mexicali at the encouragement of his father who is a big boxing fan. He trained under Coach Julio Leal, trainer of the world champion boxer “El Maromero” Paez. When Eddie turned 17 he moved to San Jose and began training Muay Thai under Kru Rey Garcia, the 2001 IKF Heavyweight State champion and two time national champion.
Eddie’s Muay Thai style is very traditional. He has trained with many Thai champions at the world renowned Fairtex camps in San Francisco, CA and camps in Bangplee-Bangkok and Pattaya, Thailand.
He did his pro-debut in Muay Thai Pattaya, Thailand with a win by a first round knockdown in 2002 and was the winner of the China vs. Mexico tournament in Zhengzhou, China in 2012. Eddie’s fighting background includes fights at the formerly known Stardust Casino in Las Vegas, NV and various stadiums in Thailand to name a few.
Eddie is featured in two Thai documentaries on foreign fighters in Thailand and is on the Official Guide to Muay Thai.
His favorite quote is that of the Fairtex logo, “To fight like a Thai you must train like a Thai and always be inspired!”

Gym Owner/Boxing Coach Michael “Mikey O.” Olivares

Michael started boxing at the age of 11 with the encouragement of his father and competed in the local USA Boxing circuit.
After serving in the US Navy, Michael relocated to San Diego to begin his college education. He earned a B.A. in Communications from Cal State University San Marcos. During that period he joined a local boxing gym in Encinitas, CA to get back into shape. As a favor to the gym owner Michael often filled in as a substitute instructor until he eventually become a full time trainer.
In 2006 Michael began working as a boxing trainer at PB Boxing, formerly the Boxing Club. He eventually left PB Boxing in 2009 to train clients privately and partnered with Coach Eddie Loco in 2010 to open PTC. He has taught thousands of classes and has worked with all levels of boxers from amateur to professional level.
Michael has always held a passion for the sport of boxing. Boxing is one of the few sports that truly challenges an individual’s will and determination. Ultimately what Michael enjoys most about being a boxing trainer is introducing new people to the sport, helping individuals achieve their fitness goals and doing his part to create a great atmosphere to relieve stress and have fun!

Muay Thai/Boxing Coach Gabe Mendoza

Nicknamed “El Cubano,” Gabe has over 7 years of experience in training and competing in Muay Thai under Coach Eddie Loco. He also has a purple belt in Jiu Jitsu and has close to 10 years of experience. His competition experience is as follows:
– 2007 2nd place in American Nationals Jiu Jitsu Tournament (heavyweight, Gi)
– – 2011 2nd place in Grapplers X Jiu-Jitsu Tournament (light heavy weight, Gi)
– 2011 3rd place in American Nationals Jiu-Jitsu Tournament (light heavy weight, Gi)
– 2012 1st place in the Gracie World Championshio (light heavy weight, Gi)
– 2012 1st place in the Gracie World Championship (light heavy weight, Gi)
– 2012 1st place in the Tijuana Open Jiu-Jitsu Tournament (light heavy weight, Gi)
– 2014 XFS Muay Thai Fight Series Super Middleweight Winner
– Muay Thai record: 3-3-0

Gabe specializes in power pad training and youth training.

Strength & Conditioning Coach/ Pro-Boxer Vu "La Pulga" Mai

Nicknamed “La Pulga” for her small frame and quick and explosive fighting style, Vu made her pro-debut in western boxing on March of 2016 and is currently active as a pro female boxer for the minimum weight class (105 lbs. and under).

She has close to ten years of experience in both western boxing and Muay Thai training with Coach Eddie and Coach Mikey O. She has close to 15 amateur fights spanning from straw weight (under 108 lbs.) to atom weight (108-112 lbs.). Due to a lack of female amateur fighters at these low weight classes, Vu has even had to resort to competing against boys in the amateur circuit. She has travelled to and trained in Thailand at the Fairtex camp in Pattaya with the PTC team several times and continues to keep her training and skill arsenal up to date and sharp.

Vu is also well-versed in strength and conditioning and runs the strength and conditioning program at PTC. Her style promotes explosive movements and helps develop the fast twitch muscles needed for boxing and Muay Thai. When she isn’t training for her own fights, Vu trains PTC’s amateur and professional fighters get in top condition for their fights.

Muay Thai Coach James Dixon

James started training in the martial art Tae Kwon Do at age 4. His passion for martial arts grew as he became inspired by Bruce Lee films and kung fu movies. At the age of 18 he began to explore and train in multiple disciplines including Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Filipino Kali, Muay Thai, Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and catch wrestling. In 2012 he made his kickboxing debut and currently holds a record of 2-0.

In 2013 he made his MMA debut at 3FC in TN. Since then, James has made an impression within the southeast region in MMA facing some of the region’s top talents and securing the #1 contender spot. He is currently ranked the #4 ligthweight within Valor fight promotions out of Tennessee.

Black belt in Jun Fat Jeet Kune Do
Brown belt in Wing Chun Kung fu
Assistant instructor in Francis Fong Association
Blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Level 5 in Erik Paulsons CW
Valor kickboxing record 2-0
Valor MMA record 2-1