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Coming up in July:
~JULY PROMOTION: First 5 members to sign up for a M2M Membership will receive a FREE PTC Retro T-shirt, PTC Boxing Gloves and a pair of PTC handwraps. (Promotion expires July 15th).
~In house WBO World Champion Maurice "Mighty Mo" Hooker will defend his title on DAZN network July 27th.
~PTC will be closed for 4th of July.
~Stay tuned for upcoming date for NEW Boxing Basics Workshop in July!!


La Jolla, CA

Pro Light Heavyweight at PTC


Coach Mikey O focus mitt training Light heavyweight Pro Boxer Josh Hayden from Maple Ave Gym in Dallas, Texas. Josh is in San Diego training for a few weeks as he prepares for his next fight. He is adding some beach training to his camp and Pacific Training Center is the right gym for it.

Muay Thai Technique Minute


Muay Thai Technique Minute – Episode 1
In this episode of Muay Thai Technique Minute, Coach Tony Fausto at Pacific Training Center shows you how to transition from evading the opponents cross from a parry (open palm), to the clinch, and finish with a dump (Throw).

Meet Brad Nathan


President of Lynx Equity Ltd. trains at Pacific Training Center and competes in charity Boxing matches in Toronto, Canada. He fly’s in for his 3-6 week Boxing camps to sunny San Diego to train and condition for his “white collar” charity fights!

Brad Nathan’s company, Lynx Equity Ltd., is a private equity firm specializing in buyouts of small- to medium sized businesses.

Brad Nathan