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La Jolla, CA

PTC Boxing Gym gets “Bout of the Night”!

PTC Boxing Gym gets “Bout of the Night”!

-Bout #8, undoubtedly “the Bout of the Night,” featured a middleweight of 160 lbs. going toe to toe against a light heavyweight of 175 lbs. The middleweight was a 33 year-old lifeguard by the name of Chris “Bam Bam” Pharo of Pacific Beach, who trains at Pacific Training Center in La Jolla, CA. His opponent, the light heavyweight was Jay “El Verde” Vasquez of the U. S. Border Control.

From the moment this bout began, you could tell both men were warriors and neither was going to hold back. Every time you thought Pharo was about to stop Vasquez, back came Vasquez to even the score. The only way you could have had a winner was to extend this bout to 15 rounds. When the judges’ scores were read, announcing the “Draw”, there was no aversion, hesitancy or disgust in either face, only mutual respect. Both men had been through a war and there was no definitive winner.