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Team PTC travels to Thailand


Coach Eddie Loco and his students have frequented Fairtex Thai Boxing Gym for Muay Thai training almost annually for the past decade. He has been lucky enough to witness the evolution of the facility, the training, the trainers and the fighters throughout the years. Today, as he finished up his last training session, he realized the impressive growth this gym has gone through. Coach Eddie Loco says he is truly happy to see the ring full of trainers and fighters, old and new alike. Thank you Mr. Wong, Prem, and all of the trainers and fighters at Fairtex, Pattaya for the time and the love!

Team PTC travels to Thailand – Pacific Training Center

KUSI News at Pacific Training Center

Boxing fever is in the air! Pacific Training Center was interviewed on Friday April 24th by the KUSI morning news crew on it’s insight on the upcoming epic fight between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao. Coaches Mikey “O” and Eddie Loco had the privilege of talking with funny man Brad Perry of the KUSI morning news on boxing, the upcoming fight, fitness and the benefits of boxing in general.

KUSI News at Pacific Training Center – Pacific Training Center

PTC Minute – Roundhouse Kick

Check out this week’s training video “PTC Minute – Roundhouse kick” in Thai Boxing. We will be sharing weekly training tips on the fundamentals of Muay Thai and Boxing here on our website. Be sure to come back and visit us next week!

“Be brilliant with the fundamentals of boxing because they never change.”

PTC Minute – Roundhouse Kick – Pacific Training Center

San Diego Muay Thai Trainers

Meet San Diego’s Muay Thai Trainers. If you are in search of a traditional Thai Boxing trainer, search no more. These trainers have fought in the local stadiums of Thailand and trained along side World Muay Thai Champions in the local Boxing camps. Most of their Thai Boxing pedigree comes from the world famous Fairtex Muay Thai Camp, Thailand. Fairtex has produced multiple champions through out the years. For the last 10yrs Pacific Training Center has traveled back to Thailand to re-visit the boxing camp, boxing stadiums, and local beach islands with a group of students, fighters, and trainers. Want to learn the Art of Eight Limbs? Come visit us and experience what Muay Thai has to offer!
San Diego Muay Thai Trainers – Pacific Training Center

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